Working as a Product Engineer at Ford Motor Company + Sears Holdings helped me build a strong foundation for attention to detail + functionality + aesthetics.

While living in Chicago, my love + passion for interior design grew so much that I quit my engineering career and redirected my efforts toward a destiny in learning + perfecting a career in interior design.

I moved back to Northville Michigan with my family and am so happy that I am now able to share my talent + build my design career in and around my hometown. 

Fresh + Sophisticated + You is my motto! I want to help bring your vision to life. Creating a beautiful + functional home that represents YOU is my professional goal.

The Munro project is built on a reflection of one's many styles, encouragement to explore beyond a limit, and engineered to perfection.

Nara Munro

 Interior designer + engineer

"Beautiful design is endless and that's what I love about it"

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