Spec / E-Design

Spec / E- Design is a great and cost effective way to get a beautiful design if you dont mind a little DIY.  The initial meeting will be conducted virtually or in person (if you are local)  to get an idea of the scope of the project + project requirements + design goals.  

Virtual clients will be required to take the proper measurements, photographs of the space and provide any additional information.

Every project is unique and needs to be planned + executed in the most effective way for you!  It begins with an Initial Consultation.  I want to see your space!  We define your needs + wants + ultimate vision - sky's the limit here.  I am an expert at helping you attain all of that and within a budget you are comfortable with. 

Full Service Design

The first step is the Conceptual Design - a preliminary proposal to make sure we are headed in the right direction.  After that is the fun part, the Design Development -  the main design comes together and we select + source from different vendors so that your project is personalized and on budget.  We will submit proposals with drawings, renderings, and product selections for your review and approval.  We also work with contractors + vendors to make sure everything is being executed correctly and on schedule. 

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